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In Mumbai, every year 70%* fires are sparked by short circuits

It is wise to conduct Electrical Safety audits of buildings, as per the provisions of Section 36 of Central Electrical Regulations 2010.

Section 36: Provisions for supply and use of electricity in multi-storied building more than 15 meters in height:

(4) The owner or occupier of a multi-storied building shall ensure that electrical installations and works inside the building are carried out and maintained in such a manner as to prevent danger due to shock, and fire hazards, and the installation is carried out in accordance with the relevant codes of practice.

Electrical Safety Audit:

Electrical Safety Audit reviews safety aspects of the overall electrical installation in the building/premise to minimize or eliminate the risk of electrical & Fire hazards.

Benefits of Electrical Safety Audits:

  1. Help Identify potential electrical hazards in the Housing Society/ Organization/ Factory
  2. Prevent and minimize loss of life & property
  3. Compliance with the applicable safety regulatory requirements
  4. Ensure longevity of expensive electrical/ electronic equipment
  5. Recommend/ suggestions for improvement in electrical installations
– TOI – Now, BMC wants buildings to make electrical audits a habit
– Mid-day – Mumbai: All buildings 4 storeys and higher must have electrical audit soon
– IndianExpress – BMC to conduct electrical audits of all buildings above 15 metres

Media Reports on Electrical Fires

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