Running equipment without a check on your sanction load?

Get your electrical installation inspected & certified as per Rule 45 of the Indian Electricity Rule 1956, and ensure quality power at home, office & factory.

Importance of keeping a check on your sanction load:

For Residential Consumers :

Declaration by consumers about the required load and more importantly about the enhancement of load is crucial to maintain the distribution network’s health and to ensure quality power at home. Overloading may occur due to unauthorised consumption of power by customers – when they consume more electricity than their sanctioned load.

For Commercial Consumers:

In case of commercial connection, when a consumer is spotted drawing power more than the sanction load, then they are levied Contract Demand penalty or demand charges. In case a consumer (availing Demand-based Tariff) exceeds his Contract Demand, he will be billed at the applicable Demand Charge rate for the Demand actually recorded, and also be charged an additional amount at the rate of 150% of the applicable Demand Charge (only for the Demand in excess of the Contract Demand)

Sanctioned Load means load in kilowatt (kW)/kilovolt ampere (kVA)/Horse Power (HP) for which the Distribution Licensee or DISCOM had agreed to supply from time to time subject to governing terms and conditions. 

Aren’t sure about your electrical load?

The Distribution Licensee shall increase or reduce the Contract Demand / Sanctioned Load of the
Consumer upon receipt of an application for the same from the Consumer.

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